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I started supporting men in 2008 when I worked as a self-employed mobile car and truck tyre fitter. I ran violence prevention groups for men in the evenings and a monthly fire in the woods for men and boys. I sustained an injury and was unable to continue with my business. This supported my decision for a career change. Keeping up with the groups and now one-to-one coaching, I went to work for a local authority helping police, social services and members of the public from within the domestic abuse prevention team.

I am a graduate of The Embodied Facilitator Course (2017) and worked as UK Room Manager for this international embodiment training until 2023. I have trained in Embodied Yoga Principles for coaches and use these principles in my work. I was part of the organising team of The Embodiment Conference 2020 and I presented at the inaugural Online Men’s Gathering 2021 on Embodying Masculine Archetypes.

2020 was a year, wasn't it?

I enjoy life with Karin, my wife, travelling the UK delivering male focussed trainings, storytelling and helping others. In 2021 I co-founded Men's Circle. I also facilitate my own men's groups and trainings under the name of ManMatters. Please sign up to my email list to keep up to date with my latest project and events. I also have a private practice coaching, mentoring and instructing men, usually meeting due to them recognising a need for help.

I am a storyteller, a story explorer, believing stories to be more than true and holding treasure to discover. I also hold a Firewalk Instructor certificate for a four day training and the final 'exam' being 108 consecutive firewalks.

I’m also working with other Menswork leaders and embodiment facilitators delivering workshops, training and retreats. Click here to see current activities.

I enjoy being outdoors, fire, slingshot practice and spending time with my granddaughter and grandson.

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