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It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and invest in your self-development.

Book yourself a spot at this years Spring Retreat.

11th - 14th May 2023, in West Sussex, UK.

Want to spend less time on screens, and more time in nature, connecting to the elements and your fellow men?

Want to go a step deeper into your personal development, connect with more of the community, and explore embodied men’s work?

At this 3 day event you will be invited to river swims, breathwork, conscious play fighting, sharing circles, fires, meditation in nature, movement and various other activities to suit your comfort boundaries.

Led this year by Lee Stagles & Oliver Cr


Early bird places are £250.

We try our best to make our retreats affordable. I challenge you to find any 3 day retreat for even near this price.



 How do I get there?

We will organise lift-shares from London. Public transport also available.

 Can I opt out of activities?

Yes, absolutely no peer pressure; every activity is an invitation.

 Can I pay in 2 payments?

Yes, email Pasco about this directly.

 Will food be provided?

Yes! We’ll supply ingredients and simple recipes, and we’ll all take turns to cook as teams.


I really hope get to see you at there. It’s my absolute favourite time to connect with the men in the community. Nothing beats face to face.

From Pasco & the all team.

Still not sure? Feast on our 5* reviews…

"Having never been to a retreat before and personal development being relatively new to me I felt deeply out of my comfort zone on the run up to the retreat. However, upon arrival and particularly after the welcome talk I was put at ease and felt like I was immediately welcomed into the group. The retreat facilitators provided an environment that felt safe, which allowed me to share some of my most deepest thoughts and allowed me to be as vulnerable as I wished. The retreat gave me the space, time and tools to explore and work through challenges I'm currently experiencing in my life and I feel extremely grateful to have attended and experienced the retreat with other like minded men." - Steven B

"I can honestly say that the Men's Circle retreat was one of the most transformational experiences I've ever had the fortune of being part of. There were so many positives I could share, but the main thing I took from it was a renewed sense of identity, inner strength, and a level of clarity I've not felt for years. And mixed in with some incredibly deep work and essential moments of reflection, importantly, it was also a huge amount of fun - I've not laughed so much in ages! Brilliantly facilitated, in an incredible setting, amongst a group of men that were a real pleasure to spend time with. I'll be the first name on the list for the next retreat!"

" The retreat was organised and facilitated with mastery. The environment was friendly and welcoming, yet appropriately challenging. I learnt so much about myself experienced a personal transformation of sorts over the weekend".

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