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Image by Kevin Erdvig

When is the last time you were told a story?

Old stories are not only fun to listen to, they can also help us reflect deeply on treasures and obstacles in our own minds and lives.

CLICK HERE for details of "There's no such thing as a dragon" - an interactive storytelling session for men and women on Thursday 1st December 2022 from 7 - 9pm GMT co-hosted with Karin van Maanen.

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I am an embodiment coach, event manager, men's work leader and facilitator working freelance mainly with men. Using story, nature and movement, I support my clients to a better understanding of themselves and then equip them with the tools and practices to support achieving their goals.

Lee Stagles

How I Can support You

I am available for online men’s groups and private coaching sessions. You can reach me at 0044 7792 560 116 or

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